Moving Violations (1985)

What the creators of "Police Academy" did for law enforcement is nothing compared to what they're doing to traffic school!
Комедия • 90 минут  5.7/10
В ролях: John Murray Jennifer Tilly James Keach Wendie Jo Sperber Fred Willard Sally Kellerman Brian Backer Ned Eisenberg и другие.
Выпущен • 19 апреля 1985 г.

The goofy students of a remedial drivers education class find themselves butting heads with their abusive police instructors.

A.K.A. CA: Les Zéros de conduite  DE: Traffic School - Die Blech- und Dachschaden-Kompanie  ES: Locademia de conductores  PT: Um Trânsito Muito Louco